Monday, January 12, 2009


its 7.47 a.m now..haven't sleep yet..just after a dotA game with asrol..
"ahah..! i gotta read elmi's blog..!" i said.
coz there always sumthin interesting there to read as i cant sleep skrg ne..
then it popped on my bout i make a blog too?
that question came along with these questions la pulak.
but would people read my blog?
do people give a shit about what im going to write?
will anyone even care about it?
i've thought jugak before this that i want to make a blog..
but that questions keeps bugging my mind..
kire macam penat je tulis then no one even bothers to read..
but there's one question that counters all those questions..
it sounded like this..
when i die do i want people to remember me just as i am
and then couple of years later to be forgotten..?
do i want people to hear my story?
not just ordinary story.. story about the real me..
"so how?" i talked to myself..
i paused...
tick tock tick tock.....
here's my first post!ahah!!..
of course i'd want people to know my life story..
if can, i want to inspire people with my story..
although i'm not quite that inspiring..lols.
so guys from now on feel, look, touch and feel..
this is me...
i mean real me..:)


  1. wuwuwu
    sudah ada blog.
    yang takleh belah , baca blog aku masa takleh tedo malam je.
    dem yu.

  2. elmi : ala..bende last aku kne wat sblum aku tido ialah membaca blog kau taw..hari2..kau je xtaw..haa...

    tazo: yela noob lagi okay blog2 ne..

  3. woah terharu sial.

    * nanges 3 saat.

  4. 3 saat je?
    cube la lapan saat ke hape.