Monday, January 12, 2009

12th January 1988..

She was born on 12th january 1988.
with her spiky hair and round face.
she still hav the spiky hair today..
she is the most adorable person i've ever met..
she cares, she helps, she cries a lot, she cooks alot
and sumtimes she backs me up..
although shes abit grumpy i gotta tell you..
but she cools immediately after that..
we share lots of things together..
i still remember when we had no toys to play with
we used to play in a box..
still remember the pictures of the two of us playing with that box..
she is the jewel of my family..
still is..
now she grown up..
although shes not quite that gurly..
ahah..she is still my best friend..
and we still share lots of things..
even baju n seluar..ahahah..
she is shareen amillia watuna.
my lil sis....
this is her special day..
i hope that in future she will be successfull..
murah rezeki and god bless her with good health..
happy birthday sis..
happy 21st birthday...
love you lots!

p.s try la simpan rambut tu kasi panjang..

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