Saturday, January 24, 2009





Aku tertanya-tanya.
Dimanakah dia?
Dimanakah dia yang dicipta untukku?
Sudah lama penantian ini.
Seperti tiada penghujungnya.
Dia masih tidak kelihatan.


Menanti sesuatu yang tidak pasti.
Sesuatu yang tidak jelas.
Kabur pandanganku.
Adakah dia wujud?
Atau mungkinkah dia menungguku?
Kalaupun begitu.
Dimana harus ku memulakan langkahku?



Persetankan semua persoalan itu.
Kerna ku tahu.
Ku tahu jauh disudut hatiku,
Ku yakin,
Suatu hari nanti,
Suatu masa nanti
Kita akan bersua.

Kepada kau yang masih belum ku jumpa.
Aku masih menunggu.
Menanti saat bahagia.
Menanti detik bersamamu
Wahai pemegang kunci hatiku.

My first attempt..
Do comment.:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The one that got away

I remember those eyes
A beauty one can see
Girl I can't get over
The smile you gave to me

I couldn't believe i had the nerve to say hello
I wasn't expecting no reply
I was so suprised when you just smiled and talked to me
It's nice to know that i'll be seeing you again

It feels so good(so good inside)
It feels so right(so good inside)
I just can't hide
Feelin'g inside, be mine tonight

Now we took time to learn each other
For some time now I see (girl you are for me)
I knew you were the right one for me
So stay with me forever and you'll see
Girl I never thought I'd ever feel this way
(I love you baby)
It's something that i've never felt before
(you know that you drive me crazy)
You'll never know how much this soul belongs to you
It gets much stronger each and every single day

Baby please dont go
I gotta let you know
How i love you so
I wanna take it slow

Damn lame la aku ne..Ahaha..
Btw this song is entitled - It feels so good from Innuendo self-titled album.
Classic one huh?ahaha..

Yea..this song reminds me how i first met her..
Her..which was mine long time ago.
Seiously i still remember,
The look in her eyes, the way her hair flows..
The way she moves, she talks, her smile...
Definitely the girl of my dreams!
Shes perfect in every single way.
Natural beauty..
Simple yet mesmerizing..
Not that sexy..
She doesn't need to expose her assets..
Her eyes is enough to melt you down..
Daymn!I gotta tell you..she's a 'killer' you know..!
She'll grab every guys eyes..
Kinda like 'miss centre of attention' gitu..

Then there was I..
A 'common simple have nothing' guy.
Standing.Amazed by her looks.
It was at...mmm..I cant remember where..

"Nak tegur xnak,nak tegur xnak" I whisper to myself.

I'm one damn shy guy fyi.
Yeah..really shy one..
Plus very low on self-esteem.
Still is now..sigh~

Okay back to story.
Then suddenly came this confidence..
I dont really know where it came from.
It just came.
There was she..standing right next to me..
Apa lagi kan..
Eye contact dulu..(zzz..i'm weak at eye contact)
I smiled, she smiled back.

"Hi there", boom!!!the first word that came out from my mouth.

"Hi", she replied.short. tataw la if she malu ke or malas nk layan.mase tu la. make things short, (coz malas nk taip byk2..lols)
Kitrg pun chat la kan..for hours la jugak..layan jugak die neh.ahaha.

"Ala..pukul 5 lebey la plak",haih..i gotta bounce.sebab my friend is waiting for me at mid v mase tu.

before bouncing my ass off i asked for her number.

"This is totally not me", i whisper to myself..ahaha..I never asked for a girl's number taw before ne...haa..

I take a good glance of her face pastu I'm off..
Still not i walked away i turned my head back to her..
God!I'm one lucky bastard!ahaha..
From that day the sun shines bright for me every single day!..
But now she's gone..hmmnn..
Senang cerita this is about my ex..the one that got away..wuwu.
Thats all la nak story..
The moment i met her.
And thats what this song is all about kan..
Wanna know the rest of the story nnt la ea..
ahaha..out of subject kalau story sekarang.
Nanti kite story mory lagi eh.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13th January 1998

thats the name i call her..
especially betty..i'm the only one in my family who calls her with that name..^^
born on 13th january 1998..
birthplace, hospital ducthess of kent, sandakan, sabah..
one cute baby she is..i remembered the first time i held her on my arms..
cute, quiet, spiky hair just like shareen..ahah..
"another adik", i said..
another responsibility of mine..
this one is the strong one..
she been through alot..
my parents divorce..
and my stepdad..
her love for our dad turned to me..
we're and still very close..
manja this one i say..
very manja..
every second screaming "abang! abang!"..
plus fyi dia ne hardheaded sikit..abes her sis kene buli..ahaha..
letih jugak layan sumtimes..but its okay..i love her..
but shes's friendly..all of my friends say the same thing too..
if she saw me or if i came home she would scream "abang boy balik!"
and she will give me a kiss on my cheek..
and she still does that until now..
arissa jasmine watuna..
if you read this one day..
i just want you to know that i love you so much!
although i'm not a gud example to you, trust me..
deep in my heart i'm trying..
i love you betty!
and happy 11th birthday..!
abg hope that god bless you with good health and blessed in evrything you do..
sayang sgt kat betty neh!
happy birthday adekku!

*your abang.

Monday, January 12, 2009

12th January 1988..

She was born on 12th january 1988.
with her spiky hair and round face.
she still hav the spiky hair today..
she is the most adorable person i've ever met..
she cares, she helps, she cries a lot, she cooks alot
and sumtimes she backs me up..
although shes abit grumpy i gotta tell you..
but she cools immediately after that..
we share lots of things together..
i still remember when we had no toys to play with
we used to play in a box..
still remember the pictures of the two of us playing with that box..
she is the jewel of my family..
still is..
now she grown up..
although shes not quite that gurly..
ahah..she is still my best friend..
and we still share lots of things..
even baju n seluar..ahahah..
she is shareen amillia watuna.
my lil sis....
this is her special day..
i hope that in future she will be successfull..
murah rezeki and god bless her with good health..
happy birthday sis..
happy 21st birthday...
love you lots!

p.s try la simpan rambut tu kasi panjang..


its 7.47 a.m now..haven't sleep yet..just after a dotA game with asrol..
"ahah..! i gotta read elmi's blog..!" i said.
coz there always sumthin interesting there to read as i cant sleep skrg ne..
then it popped on my bout i make a blog too?
that question came along with these questions la pulak.
but would people read my blog?
do people give a shit about what im going to write?
will anyone even care about it?
i've thought jugak before this that i want to make a blog..
but that questions keeps bugging my mind..
kire macam penat je tulis then no one even bothers to read..
but there's one question that counters all those questions..
it sounded like this..
when i die do i want people to remember me just as i am
and then couple of years later to be forgotten..?
do i want people to hear my story?
not just ordinary story.. story about the real me..
"so how?" i talked to myself..
i paused...
tick tock tick tock.....
here's my first post!ahah!!..
of course i'd want people to know my life story..
if can, i want to inspire people with my story..
although i'm not quite that inspiring..lols.
so guys from now on feel, look, touch and feel..
this is me...
i mean real me..:)