Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13th January 1998

thats the name i call her..
especially betty..i'm the only one in my family who calls her with that name..^^
born on 13th january 1998..
birthplace, hospital ducthess of kent, sandakan, sabah..
one cute baby she is..i remembered the first time i held her on my arms..
cute, quiet, spiky hair just like shareen..ahah..
"another adik", i said..
another responsibility of mine..
this one is the strong one..
she been through alot..
my parents divorce..
and my stepdad..
her love for our dad turned to me..
we're and still very close..
manja this one i say..
very manja..
every second screaming "abang! abang!"..
plus fyi dia ne hardheaded sikit..abes her sis kene buli..ahaha..
letih jugak layan sumtimes..but its okay..i love her..
but shes's friendly..all of my friends say the same thing too..
if she saw me or if i came home she would scream "abang boy balik!"
and she will give me a kiss on my cheek..
and she still does that until now..
arissa jasmine watuna..
if you read this one day..
i just want you to know that i love you so much!
although i'm not a gud example to you, trust me..
deep in my heart i'm trying..
i love you betty!
and happy 11th birthday..!
abg hope that god bless you with good health and blessed in evrything you do..
sayang sgt kat betty neh!
happy birthday adekku!

*your abang.

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