Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kau xperlu tahu.

in this week.
i learned something.
"something is better left as they were, we dont need to know or change it"
my friends and i discovered this one stuff.
its like tarot prediction something2.
it really tells you what really happen present and the past.
and its super accurate.
at first i cant believe it either.
but when i saw it with my own eyes,its shocked me alot.
yes, alot!
you can ask what your wearing at the moment and "it" will answer it precisely.
god!how can these "things" know?
"they"also know whats your deepest secret.
who you admire, 
whats in your pocket,
what your doing in the toilet etc.
the answer is super accurate.
"it" also communicates with you.
gila i tell you..
at first i find it cool jugak bende ne.
when i think about it again,
what if this stuff is used by the wrong hands.
even bestfriends pun boleh gadoh taw.
so to me biarlah bende tu tidak diketahui orang.
as i said earlier somethings better left unknown.
dont ask.
dont change.
just let it be.


  1. shy.......
    maen2 gn peter erk???
    shy manje2 gn peter erk??

  2. how he manage to answers urs??
    mine die xjwb..
    his a gay perhaps!!:D