Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Haa..sorry la guys for the late entry..
si alep nihaa xabes2 pakai aku xde chance langsung nk buat..
dari semalam die je..
haih..aku pn nk post jugak..
pikirla member laen jugak kan..
sampai ilang mood nak buat smlm..
but its okay..:)
Adoihh..tataw pulak nk ckp pe..
Idea semalam abes ilang ditelan keboringan menunggu alep menaip 8 ratos entrynya..
I got so many fucking ideas lastnite...

Aite then..i tell u guys about what happened to me last week.
Last week i met Scha..which is my new friend and latest member of BULAN.
She's outgoing, funny and kadang2 tu sengal jugak..ding!
Aha and one more thing..die suke senyum sorang2..
Ahaha..ntah apenye yang die senyumkan..
Okay back to story..
She offered us a booth at her U's event called ICEPS if i'm not mistaken.
And i dont fucking know what ICEPS mean..
Dont ask..
Then we'all agreed la kan since baju2 bulan lama sudah tersimpan..
Bla bla bla..(no mood to type byk2)
Tup tup its thursday..Ah forgot to tell you that the event was held for 4 days.
Thursday till Sunday..So Alep and i opened the booth..
So damn boring that day..
No people or whatsoever..
and that day we only got one buyer..
And the lucky buyer is scha..
The day went on with only one sold.

Then came friday..
I was hoping that things get better that day..
And it was!
Yeay!My graff crew bought 2 plus some USIM students bought 5..
And that includes scha..her 2nd BULAN shirt..
Abit bored but still better than thursday..
Coz that day not only alep and i whos taking care of the booth..
We got muaz, her gf gma and also accompanying us alep's wife naima whois "expecting" this April..
That day our booth filled with laugh..
This one customer..
I dunno where the heck he came from..

"bro, 25 je bro..kain baek punya neh", Alep said.

"ermnn baju untuk gaza ade x?",he replied as he walks out from the booth..laughing..

what the fuck..
perli ke hapa?
ingat bagus sangat ke kau tu?
if your so into saving gaza why dont you go there and help them?
cakap aja xguna bro..
kau still hisap dunhill..
Kau still minum coke..
Kau still makan McD..
Baju gaza kunun..
Nak je sound tepek..
Tapi customer kan..
So xbleh..Grrrr!
I hate this hypocrites..
Better go die la..
Hangin betul aku.
Dah la kau buta seni!
Kau ingat kau cool la cakap camtu..?
Kau ingat kau lagi bagus ke cakap camtu?
Kau ingat kau dapat la tolong people at gaza there by just saying that?
Hell no la dude!
At least kitorang xhipokrit cam kau.
People looked at our booth like,

"ni booth budak2 jahat neh."

"ni booth budak2 sosial neh."

Sosial pale hongges nenek kau!
Izit wrong if we pasang and listen to indie music?
Izit wrong if our designs is into music?
Kolot sungguh pemikiran korang.
Please la weh..buang la your negative perceptions about us.
Kalau music rock sket je trus you guys label kitorang sosial..
Abes kau layan rock jiwang tangkap leleh bleh plak..?
Kau dengar lagu mat saleh x salah pulak?
Lagi satu kebodohan manusia..
Dont ever! i mean ever!i really mean it ever! judge us by our looks and what we listen to.
Haih paneh btul ati aku kt hipokrit2 neh..
Alep and Scha also mentioned this in thier entry..

Okay..Dah dah..cukup..
Now its all about saturday..
Saturday went on smooth..
Although just one been bought..
Aha..and that day geng2 anggerik sume balek dari kolej diorang..
So memang ramai la kan..
Forgot to tell you yang that day also scha dared me to buat fish spa..
Unfortunately die xde when i was doing that coz shes to shy nk lepak..
Ramai kt booth dia xkenal..Lols..Sian..
Then after closing we decided to go As-Salam for a drink.
Tengah minum2 tu Amin dtg with my other friends Alut, Apit, Iwan, and Topek kecik.
Meriah btul malam tu..
Forgot to tell you that I got AF audition the next day.
Haa..That saturday nite alep insisted to ask scha to follow us to the audition..
Disebabkan aku malas taip sekarang neh..
She wrote very detail about what happened and not happened
that day..
To me is was a great experience..:)

I think thats all for now..
Haih..xsabar btul la nk pegi penang!!!
Elmi, seyza kau tunggu aku kt sana!
See yah!

***i will upload pics about last week on and about..
since the camera is in nadjmee's car..
and die dah pun balik Unisel..
ahaha..so just wait okay?;)